Top Ten April Travel Posts

We’re one month in here at Tales From the Road, and here are the most popular posts for April:


1. Top 5 Paths to Plane Peace
Want to avoid that chatty seat mate on your next flight? Follow Annette Thompson’s five tips to ensure a peaceful plane ride.


2. Backstage with Dierks Bentley
Meet country music’s "hardest working man" with travel editor Jennifer V. Cole.


3. "World Peace and Bacon Grease!"
In Charleston, South Carolina, (and perhaps elsewhere in the South), "World Peace and Bacon Grease!" as an appropriate salutation. Read Jennifer V. Cole’s reflections on returning to life in the South…


4. Comet Ping Pong Wins Best Family Restaurant in D.C.
Check out the best ping-pong pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. and get in a quick round of table tennis while you wait for your (other) table…


5. Decadence in Miniature: Stealing Hotel Shampoo
Don’t let all that perfectly usable hotel shampoo go to waste. In an era when traveling with toiletries is a matter of national security, these small 2-3 ounce bottles come in handy.


6. Free Art in Dallas
The only thing better than fine art is free art, and in Dallas, you can appreciate both. Take a walking tour of some of the most creative artwork this Texas hub has to offer.


7. Stuck in the Memphis Airport
So you’re stranded in the Memphis Airport, but don’t fear. Livings Editor Richard Banks has a tip that will make an unexpected hours-long layover fly by.


8. Forest Fire Razes Talladega Superspeedway…Wait, No
A hazy smoke lingers over the Talladega Speedway on race weekend. A forest fire? No, just thousands of happy, grilling NASCAR fans.


9. Only Pumpkin in the Patch: Middleburg, VA
Meet Pumpkin Lee of Middleburg, Virginia. She’s done tack repair work for Olympian equestrians, and she’s an only child – the only pumpkin in the patch, so to speak.


10. Birmingham Jazz Legend – Cleveland Eaton
So you missed Jazzfest. Well, if you live anywhere near Birmingham, you can check out this living legend every week.


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