Beach Week Coming This Monday


(Photo by Scott Wiseman for Southern Living)

The beach is where many Southerners go to disappear, to unwind, to play, to be a family. In many houses, “the beach” means more than just any sandy stretch of coast. It means one particular beachtown, that one special locale, whether grandfather’s seaside condo or the old palmetto house rented the same June week year after year.

Summer in the South sees a citizen dispersal from cities and landlocked counties, cars heading towards those extraordinary and salty places. As I wrote about Destin, Florida, in the January issue of Southern Living:

“I feel alive there—like I did as a kid—rolling down the car’s windows on the Bay Bridge to let the air pour in. It’s a rite of passage. Going from mainland to that wonderful coast, it’s my land of summers, no matter what the time of year.”

Join us next week as contributing editors to Tales from the Road highlight “the beach” with five favorites from our region’s coasts, the best spots for fresh seafood, the unknown small hotel, and friendly beach bums to meet while there. Beach balls are bopping around the halls here at Southern Living, emails chattering about which white-sand paradises we’ll choose. Everyone is geared for summer. So much so, I’m thinking about making the blessed four-hour drive south tomorrow afternoon.

Beach-lovers, check in on Monday for our first Tale from the Beach. And enjoy the beginning of summer!


  1. Hobbs

    Great idea. I am actually headed to “the beach” this weekend. I look forward to this blog series….

    June 6, 2008 at 8:41 am

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