Tanner’s Recommendation: Airport Shoe Shines


Miesha Williams isn’t a bartender, but she’s as open-eared as any Moe I’ve ever met pulling tap handles.

You’ll find her buffing scuffs most days at O’Neal Shine on the Run in Concourse C at the Birmingham International Airport.  That’s Southern Living’s home hub, and last week while I propped my feet on those flat steel rests, a guy rocking a bow tie and a pocketwatch hustled over and muttered, "You inspired me.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time."


Above photo: A post-shine pose.

When was the last time you got your shoes shined?  I don’t mean when you sit on the corner of your bed and work through the methodical rub-n-brush technique your dad showed you. 

I’m talking about climbing up to the chair and putting your feet in the hands of a pro. 

I’m talking about having a human connection, no matter how brief.   

Sure, you could spend that cash in the bar, but you’d be leaving with a belly full of suds; not loafers like mirrors. 


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