Sweeney’s Spiteful Spittlebugs

August 7, 2008 | By | Comments (0)

Q: Any suggestions on the best way to control spittlebugs? Is it possible that they are being brought into my yard by my lawn service mowers?
Thespian Cracker

A: Thespian Cracker? Am I communicating with Johnny Depp? Wow!!!

I don’t think spittlebugs (which get their name from the gobs of spit-like froth they hide in while feeding) are hitch-hiking on your lawn mowers. They just show up when they find grass they like, such as centipede and Zoysia. To get rid of them, treat them according to label directions with a granular lawn insecticide. You can get this at garden and home centers.

By the way, I loved your performance in “Sweeney Todd.” It was cutting edge.


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