Design Disaster

August 27, 2008 | By | Comments (0)

You would think fear of the Lord would keep building contractors from deliberately doing stupid things to make churches ugly.

You would be wrong.

This is the front of the new fellowship hall at my church in Hoover, Alabama. The construction crew pored over the blueprints, carefully weighed all the options, and then decided the perfect place to put three honkin’ huge air conditioners was directly outside the main entrance.

When asked about the placement, they failed to see the problem. This is where the AC units need to be in order to work properly, they said. Of course, we could move them, but that would cost more money.

This reminds me of similar statements made by builders to me and my friends over the years, such as:

• Oh, did you want windows in the house? That will cost more.

• Yes, we could put electrical outlets on the main floor, but that will be extra.

• Crown molding is standard for an additional fee.

• Emptying extra concrete on the lawn makes grass grow better.

• Burying construction trash in your yard keeps it out of landfills.

• You want a back door too?

Grumpians, have things like this ever happened to you? Tell me about your design disaster or, better yet, email a photo. (It could be somebody else’s disaster.) Meanwhile, I’ll keep you up-to-date on the air conditioners. I think they’re moving them to the altar.



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