New Orleans Lüke reopens after Gustav

Tonight (Tuesday, September 2) James Beard-winner John Besh’s New Orleans Brasserie Lüke reopens after Hurricane Gustav. Quite a turn-around. It’s the first of Besh’s four restaurants to turn the lights back on, and it’s a good sign for the city post-storm.

Doors open at 5 PM, no reservations are necessary, and guests are invited to walk in at their leisure. The menu will be limited, but shall include some of Lüke’s signature dishes – Lüke Burger with Allen Benton’s Bacon; Carmelized Onions and Emmenthaler Cheese; Pressed Sandwich of Whole Roast “Cochon de Lait” with Cherry Mustard; and Croque Monsieur Croque Madame et Frites with Emmenthaler Cheese.

Also, try the French "75" cocktail. A friend described it as "like kissing a ruddy-faced, blonde-haired boy on the beach." I’ll take her word on that one, but i tried it. Perfect summer drink. 



  1. Matt

    “like kissing a ruddy-faced, blonde-haired boy on the beach”
    I’ll take her word on that one too…
    Thanks for the tip on the restaurant. Cable news, national wires and big city metros give a great overview of post-Katrina NOLA, but it’s good to remind ourselves that for the restaurant owner, the shopkeeper, the average worker, the big picture isn’t always the whole story.
    It is details, anecdotes if you will, that round out the story of this city’s journey to recovery.

    September 3, 2008 at 11:40 am