That Sinking Feeling

September 17, 2008 | By | Comments (0)

Q: Hi,
I have a sink hole in my yard that will not go away no matter what I fill it with. The hole is approximately 8 inches deep and 8 feet long. I have lived in the house 10 years and the hole has always been here. I’m thinking that there was probably a tree with roots there at some time. Can you help?

Robin Banton

A: Hi Robin,
Wow, sounds like a real problem you have there. It could very well be that the roots and stump of a very big tree have decayed, leaving a hole. Also, some builders will bury wood trash on a lot rather than spend money to haul it away, and that stuff eventually rots too. But If you keep filling in the the hole and it keeps swallowing the fill without getting smaller, you may have a bigger issue than just a tree. For example, a leaking water line could cause this, as could dissolving limestone and many other things. My advice is to watch the sinkhole closely, especially in wet weather to see if it grows. If it does, I’d have a local hydrologist or geologist with expertise in sinkholes check it out. If it looks like it’s getting close to your house, also call your insurance agent.

And if you find Jimmy Hoffa in the bottom of it, let Grumpy know immediately so that he can break the story!



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