Eat at Salt Factory in Roswell, Georgia.


Downtown Roswell, Georgia, a suburb about 14 miles north of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, feels much like a little English village. Clockmakers, painters, tidy and cute cottages, the whole bowl of cheerios. Now, as restaurant men with an affinity for country pubs opened Salt Factory, Roswell really feels like Sussex.

The interior vibe and look first signaled to me that Salt Factory would be worth it more than a pint. Exposed brick? Check. Shiny hardwoods? Yep. Stripped down, bulb-loving lighting that Edison would absolutely love? Here. It was 11:45 am when I walked in for lunch and within minutes, every seat in the house was full.


Food highlights: London Broil with cheddar mashed potatoes; fish tacos; the oven-fired pub pizzas. But, what I really wanted and didn’t see until I was halfway through my meal? The Butcher’s Special: Serrano ham, prosciutto, cappicola, and sopressata. All shaved on the spot and served with bread for a perfect starter. You just can’t get shaved meat these days.

Roswell surprised me. I’ll be back. My final opinion: Salt Factory is worth its salt. Try it out.

Salt Factory
952 Canton Street
Roswell, GA


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