My Numero Uno Nashville Recommendation

I can claim a few towns as my own, at least enough so to give strong local-recommended, mother-approved tips on what to do. Foodie heaven Charleston, mega-opolis Laaa-Grange GA, Grayton Beach, and everyone’s favorite string music capitol Nashville. Just yesterday on a Mexican beach (Tulum, but don’t tell anyone, ok?), I ran into a man on his way to Nashvegas. Going to the Whole Foods executive board meeting. Big wig, I know. Anyways, he mentioned the Music City, so I quickly mentioned The Station Inn on 12th. If you like live music and popcorn and possibly pitchers of Bud, well, JT Gray’s cinderblock wonderpalace of banjos and mandos will slap you happy. Enjoy.

Oh. And if you were wondering about my top 3 favorite memories about the Station Inn, here they are, in both english and my limited espanol (since I am still in Mexico).

3. The time Chris Thile, the wunderkind mandolin picker who was part of the phenomenal trio Nickel Creek but who now fronts the Punch Brothers, snuck in the side door of the Inn just to watch. Sure, I was bummed that he didnt jump on stage and melt faces with his lightnin-quick mandibles, but hey, talk about affirming a joint’s cred. Boom.

Tres. El tiempo cuando Chris Thile, el mandolin hombre de muy bueno Nickel Creek pero ahora juege con los hermanos de Punch, entrada en el puerta otra solemente mirar. Si, si, es desilusionado que no muy muy rapidos dedos y hace musica, pero hola, el lugar es authentico.

2. Man, that took a while. OK, 2. Mister Tim O’Brien. Night was late, place was packed, my table was front left. The king of bluegrass, at least my friends’ fave, stormed Nashville like the true Grammy-winner he is. Front row!

Dos. Muchacho, es dificil. OK, dos. Senor Tim O’Brien. Noche fue tarde, el lugar atestado, y mi mesa fue centro izquierdo. El rey de bluegrass, mi amigos opinion, irrumpie en Nashville como el champion. Centro izquirdo!

1. Meeting one of my very best friends one night and him asking me, "Hey, you ever been to Station Inn?" "No." "You like bluegrass?" "I don’t know." "Come on." And that was the beginning.

Uno. Cuando yo conoci mi amigo mejor y el pregunta, "Hola, tu sabes Station Inn?" "No." Te gusta bluegrass?" "No se." "Vamos." Y este el  comienzo.


  1. CJ

    Love Nashville (heading up there tomorrow night for a weekend of music!) and love this rec. Thanks, Taylor!

    March 12, 2009 at 4:42 pm

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