SL and Tucker Blair’s Where to Wear Guide

July 30, 2009 | By | Comments (8)
IMG_4902-2 Look down deep inside yourself. Is there not a miniscule iota that appreciates your first-grade teacher's precise selection of seasonal sweaters? Now, I'm not advising us to trot off and go crazy with Santa and shamrocks, but let's be honest: Sometimes dressing appropriately just feels so right. And, oh yeah–it looks so good.

Enter Tucker Blair. This fabulous fledgling company out of Washington D.C. whips up hand stitched needlepoint items in evocative designs. "We want you to find the item that reminds you of the places and times you love most, whatever and wherever that may be," says founder Taylor Llewellyn. 

Is there anything more Southern than working under the tagline "Classically Casual?" Taylor gave me some thoughts about some of Tucker Blair's threaded items, and where they would shine the brightest on-location around the south. 

Where to Wear Guide

Yhst-88212652234591_2064_404838 WEAR: South Carolina flag belt. "We tend to get a lot of orders for this belt from the Charleston area zipcodes and they’re often spotted along King Street at the bars and shops," says Taylor.

WHERE: CharlestonKiawah Island (Taylor likes Sanctuary Hotel), Anson Restaurant, Galart & Maliclet French Cafe (my fave), Sullivan's Island. Check out our August 2009 issue for a run-down on Chucktown's  South of Broad area.


WEAR: Crab flip flops.

WHERE: Baltimore or Annapolis, MD. "It’s always appropriate to wear the Crab flops to Cantlers in Annapolis where we often go grab soft shelled crabs on the weekends," Taylor says.

Yhst-88212652234591_2064_1332841 WEAR: Pink Elephant belt.

WHERE: Politickin', of course. "Pink Elephants is great for the Republican enclave Capitol Hill Club in D.C.," says Taylor. From Montgomery to Jackson or Raleigh to Tallahassee, you don't just need to be on the official Capitol Hill to get in the mood to celebrate your party ties. (But it would be rather appropos.)
Disclaimer: Tucker Blair does custom products, too. Dems, make your voice heard. I have a favorite mascot, but will remain neutral for the sake of this blog.

12652234591_2062_3265392WEAR: Orange and blue striped headband.

WHERE: My last blog mentioned my Auburn loyalties, and we got a little feisty out there, people. No worries–My family raised me to know that people that are "different" from us are still great, wonderful Southerners. So I'm going to make another Auburn reference, and gird my loins for the backlash. Just know that the great folks over at TB will craft a headband just for your team, too. And isn't the SEC the best conference out there anyway?

Yhst-88212652234591_2064_2798815 WEAR: Marlin belt. "Two of my best friends encouraged me to make the Marlin belt after telling stories of their deep sea fishing trips," Taylor says. He also said Tucker Blair has new fish belts in the forecast.

WHERE: The Gulf, The Keys, your favorite seafood spot. (Catch our Top 10 Southern Seafood Dive list.) "The belt kind of makes me think of Hemingway drinking Daiquiris in South Florida for some reason," Taylor adds.

Yhst-88212652234591_2064_257677 WEAR: Shamrocks and mugs belt.

WHERE: St. Patrick's Day festivities in Savannah, of course. Taylor said Notre Dame alums also enjoy this design.

Untitled3-1 WEAR: Needlepoint dog collars.

WHERE: Take Fluffy, Fido, or in my case, Harper out on walk. Jupiter Beach in Palm Beach, Discovery Green in Houston, and William B. Ulmstead State Park in North Carolina are some good, dog-friendly zones. 

*Note – As a college student, I love seeing people walk their dogs on my campus. Consider your local collegian.

Alright, y'all–it's your turn:  Where in the South would sport a Tucker Blair belt, headband, pair of flip flops, or dog collar (Not you, silly. Fido.) For more inspiration or information, head over to


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