Music City Video

Nashville is a sweet town for a thousand reasons. (Insert mention of things considered sweet, whether mexican popsicles or the newest voice gal singing at Bluebird.) One of these days, I’ll roll back on Belmont Blvd and not have a departure date. It’s a city that’s outgrown the old opry image (though everyone should get to the opry in their lifetimes) with a boutique approach to everything: cocktails, blue jeans, tacos…living locally is a way of life in Nashville. Of all the mid-sized cities I’ve ever been, Nashville feels the most like a hometown, in the wave-to-your-neighbor way. Seems the local CVB is taking this to heart. This is a relatively new promo video about the city with two of the town’s best younger musicians, the Gabe Dixon Band and Jeremy Lister. Check it out. Go Titans.


  1. fiber optic camera

    This is an impressive music video. The breathtaking part was the skyline shot alongside the good music that accompanies it. The panorama shot was well done too.

    March 14, 2012 at 8:10 pm

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