Three Clean Hotels and One Dirty List

Tbird_marfa published their top 10 dirtiest hotels this week. Talk about bad press. I don’t even own a hotel and I was nervous clicking through the unlucky list. Hopefully this roadtrip democracy will push these (and other) properties to clean up fast. In the mean time, being the optimist, I am giving a shout-out to three hotels/motels/inns that stand out for their freshness, even if spartanly decorated. (Everyone expects the Ritz to be spotless.) So, today’s top three brought to you by Mr. Clean…

1) Thunderbird Hotel, Marfa TX. I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but I never spoke up about its cleanly factor. (I’ll never mention a hotel/motel period if it’s gross.) Thinking back, it really was very pristine, partly because the bathrooms are white-white-white. Tiles. Counters. Tub. Towels. Shower curtain. Even the tiny bottles of fancy shampoo – white. I love it. Something about being out in the Big Bend makes me feel like I have a blank slate. Cheers to you, T-bird.

2) The Ivey House Bed and Breakfast, Everglades City FL. This one is the underdog winner. A hotel this far into the swaths of south Florida has a really really big disadvantage in the cleanliness department. A chilly day here is 89. Shoes mildew overnight. But the fine folks at Ivey do a splendid job providing the basics. Throw in the screened-in pool –  I am sold.

3) The Ellis Hotel, Atlanta GA. I wrote up this historic spot in our October story about cheap stays that feel like luxury. (If you play your web specials right, you can score a room for $99.) What I didn’t say was how groomed the property felt. For all I knew, they’d done a massive deep-clean of the whole hotel the day before. It smelled like a brand new fleece.

PS If you have any This-Is-So-Clean glory stories about hotels, send them my way.


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  4. Sawyer@Michigan Getaways

    The screened in pools are nice. You still get the warm fresh air, but are also able to avoid the mosquitoes.

    February 2, 2011 at 3:40 pm
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  7. Melissa

    A visit to the Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa might also include Marfa’s Mystery Lights – fascinating!
    And a nearby stop in Ft. Davis may provide an interesting exploration of history, unique geological features, and the McDonald Observatory (try visiting during clear weather for best visibility – this observatory has been one of my most memoriable trips!).

    April 3, 2010 at 12:19 pm

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