Pink Flamingo Saves the Day

March 29, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Grumpy is always eager to help his colleagues with their landscaping problems. So when Erin Street, our Healthy Living editor, approached me for advice for her front yard, I was naturally eager to assist.


Erin’s problem was that ever since her family moved into their suburban home, they hadn’t really kept up with the bushes in front of the house. As a result, you  could hardly even see the house from the road. It made me think they were in the FBI’s witness protection program. So my first thought was — let’s rip all this stuff out. We did.

That left her house with nothing but bare ground in front — which looked a whole lot better than it did before, but left neighbors wondering just what she had in mind. To allay their fears, I donated a pair of cheap pink flamingos, one of which you can see here being admired by her son, Nate.

You can follow the progress of our exciting project on Erin’s blog. Plants come next! I’m thinking redtip photinia, golden euonymus, poodle junipers, and a flashing neon “Merry Xmas” sign for the front door.

What do you suggest? Erin is open to all ideas!


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