Beach Watch: More Clean-Beach Guarantees

June 14, 2010 | By | Comments (1)

We recently posted about a couple of Gulf-coast resorts promising a clean-beach guarantee
that promises to deliver refunds if oil or tarballs wash up on their
beaches during or just before your stay. We're hearing about more
places doing this. The latest: 


South Seas Island Resort
in Captiva, FL announced a Clean-Beach Guarantee.
The policy states: "If the vacation is disrupted, a 100 percent refund
will be provided up to one week prior to the stay. The refund includes
room, resort fee and taxes." We asked about the "up to one week prior to the stay" part, wondering if this means any fine-print catches, and a resort representative told us: "Under either circumstance, days prior to a stay and mid-stay, South Seas would
be happy to refund their guests."


  1. Miriam

    that’s an amazing deal they offered back to their guests. 100% refund is pretty impressive. NOW- with that said, I’ve never even seen this place before, but just that picture alone made me want to head on out!

    February 24, 2011 at 9:20 am

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