Opryland Ice: Things To Know Before You Go

November 26, 2010 | By | Comments (7)


Heading to Gaylord Opryland's new "ICE!" exhibit? The attraction at the newly reopened hotel, will host people from around the country this holiday.

More than two million pounds of ice were used in creating this walk-through exhibit that tells the story of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (a story that's celebrating its 40th anniversary this year). It's open through January 2.

Here's some things to keep in mind before you enter Jack Frost's lair. (Good to keep in mind for similar exhibits at Gaylord hotels in Texas and Florida) …


  • Dress warmly. Seriously. –  I knew that it would be cold, but not *this* cold — one employee said it was nine degrees. Nine! That's a lot cooler than I'm used to in Alabama (and much colder than this Florida native is accustomed to).

        Although they give you parkas when you enter, go ahead and come bundled up. 

Think: layers that include a sweater, gloves, hat, and heavy socks for everyone in your group. (We had our little guy dressed warmly but we weren't. And we froze!)

  • Go during "off hours"— Like the other "Country Christmas" attractions, "Ice" is a big draw, bringing in visitors from the region. We went during dinnertime and didn't have a problem walking right in. Lunch and dinner are good times to check out this populare exhibit. (More time for the ice slide! There's one for kids and a bigger one for big "kids." That's it below. Oh, and for best traction, make sure your parka is right underneath you. Wheee!!!)


  • Want great photos? Look for staff in the silver parkas — Yes, you'll have your photo made as you walk in the door — for purchase at the end (and they are cute). But if you want photos taken with your own camera, or cameras, just look for the staff wearing silver-gray parkas. They're happy to take family photos as you frolic through the ice sculpture. They are super patient (catching  even our paparazzi-shy four year old).





To get a feel for the chill, here's a video of the making of ICE — filmed before the hotel reopened:


And check out this video from Gaylord Palms, where "'Twas The Night Before Christmas Is The Theme." Raising a glass of hot chocolate!


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  5. Donna

    Oh my! It looks pretty cold in there! The ice-blocks for the walkway/bridge thing, are amazing! I’m going to have to check out the florida one!

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