Crepe Murder Winner Announced March 13! Millions Anxiously Await Decision

March 6, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

Loppers 003

Faithful readers, once again you have overwhelmed Grumpy with your intelligence, dedication, hard work, and sneakiness. I asked you to send me the worst examples of butchered crepe myrtles you could find and you came through big time! In fact, Grumpy received so many worthy entries that he will spend this week carefully evaluating the grossness of each before announcing three winners on Sunday, March 13.

These three sneaky winners will each receive a pair of super high-quality loppers, courtesy of Corona Tools. Use them for pruning all of your trees and shrubs, but…………if you use them to butcher your own crepe myrtles, not only will Grumpy take them back, he will also use them to trim your fingernails. Blindfolded.


Coming This Week!!!

The infalliable and humble Grump reveals his top three picks of the best loropetalums you can buy for your garden right now. You know loropetalums — they’re those “purple bushes.”


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