Help USA Today Name The Best Lake in America

July 16, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Alabama’s Lake Martin / Michael Hanson

Come the weekend, we’re all fleeing to our favorite body of water to escape the summer heat. So when USA Today asked us to help round out their list for best lakes in the country, we were more than happy to highlight a few of our hot-weather respites.

Our resident outdoor expert, editor Kim Cross, dug through our South’s Greatest Lakes archive and chose three to represent our region. On her list? Lake Lure in North Carolina, the home of Dirty Dancing; the classic Lake Rabun in Georgia; and Alabama’s happy-hour friendly Lake Martin.

Now USA Today is asking readers to weigh in and help crown the best lake in America from the 15 highlighted in the story. Cast your vote to help us make one of the Southern lakes the winner. You can vote by naming your lake of choice in the story’s comment box, or by Tweeting your vote to @USATodayTravel.


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