Three Questions with Olympian and Kentucky Native Tyson Gay

August 3, 2012 | By Caroline McKenzie | Comments (0)

tyson gayoption2 Three Questions with Olympian and Kentucky Native Tyson Gay

Name: Tyson Gay

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Events: Track & Field, 100 meter and 4×100 meter

What should we know about your sport?
When you’re watching the hundred meter race, pay close attention. It may look like the winner is the person picking up speed. But it’s actually the person who is slowing down the least. That race is won and lost in the last thirty meters.

What makes your hometown special?
It’s all about family at home. If you’re a friend we consider you family and welcome you with a favorite expression “What’s Up Fam.” That and Kentucky has the best basketball team. But that’s no secret.

Favorite Southern splurge?
                                                            Barbecue ribs and sweet potatoes.

Don’t miss Tyson as he begins his quest for track and field gold on Saturday August 4th. Visit for viewing information.