Three Questions with Olympian and Texas Native Mary Killman

August 5, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

mary killman Three Questions with Olympian and Texas Native Mary Killman

Name: Mary Killman

Hometown: McKinney, Texas

Event: Synchronized Swimming, Duet

What should we know about your sport?
Synchro isn’t as easy as it may look. It takes gymnastic, dance and swim training. And things aren’t quite as graceful under the water—there’s a lot of accidental kicking of one another that goes on.

What makes your hometown special?
The people. If you go to McKinney I would encourage you to take time to get to know the Southern belles and beaus who call it home. The town has been so supportive of my career, always covering my events in the newspaper and giving exposure to my sport.

Favorite Southern splurge?
Chili and cream cheese dip. My mom makes it topped off with jalapenos. I haven’t had it for a while—it’s not the best training food. But if I win a gold medal I will definitely treat myself to some!

Don’t miss Mary as she begins her quest for synchronized swimming gold on Sunday August 5th. Visit for viewing information.


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