Convention Recipe Special: Left Wings vs Right Wings

August 31, 2012 | By | Comments (1)
Right Wings & Left Wings

Left Wings & Right Wings / Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Caroline M. Cunningham

Now that the RNC is drawing to a close in Tampa and the DNC is getting ready to shake up Charlotte, we vote for a little campaign trail-gating, SL-style. That means party-centric recipes and politi-cocktails developed by our (non-partisan) Test Kitchen, just for the occasion.

For the Dems, we created Left Wings, a version of hot-wings cooked on the grill (perfect for a BBQ state). Served with a liberal amount of Blue Cheese Sauce, it’s perfect with “Yes Pecans” (the unofficial snack of last election year) and a Bourbon on the Baracks. (The twist: ice cubes frozen with blueberries.)

For Grand Old Partiers, we developed Right Wings, a classic approach with a conservative level of spice in the tangy red Rom-esco Sauce. And make sure to try our Grand Old Fashioned, with just a touch of bitters.

And if you’re undecided, you should try our Muddle of the Road, a real govern-mint julep spiked with moderation. Serve with blue corn chips and salsa.

Enjoy. Register. Vote. And remember:

We don’t take sides. We just make the recipes.


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