Ultimate Southern Playlist: Scott Avett’s Mixtape

September 12, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

It’s no secret that we at Southern Living are pretty big fans of The Avett Brothers. Banjos and cellos? Soulful songwriting? Country boys who grow tomatoes and can flat out rock a 3-piece suit? Yes, please. So we’ve been anticipating the release of The Carpenter (out September 11) almost as much as we’ve been looking forward to football season. (Almost. Let’s be honest.)

Scott Avett

Photo by Art Meripol

Before the album’s release, we spent some time chatting with Scott Avett to get a little insight into “Live and Die” (listen to it above), the first single off the new album.

“That song is exciting. It was written right at the end of the recording session,” he says. “Seth brought that song to the table. And just like classic Seth, it felt very catchy and hooky. I thought it was a terrific melody.”

“For me, ‘Live and Die’ is about the push and the pull. The day and the night. [It’s] the different angles that we look at and write from and talk about,” Scott says. “The album is full of hello and goodbye. Songs about death and songs about birth. We didn’t intend on any of those things to coincide or crossover, but they just did. They just kept coming. The good and the evil. Mourning and happiness. The life and the death. Just like Star Wars has the dark and the light. It’s all just classic simplified storytelling. ”

As long as we were talking music with Scott Avett, we figured we’d ask him to make us a mixtape—a collection of the top 10 Southern tunes he’s listening to right now. Check it out via our Spotify playlist.

What’s on your fall playlist?


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