Archie Manning Shares His Favorite Game-Day Memories

September 29, 2012 | By | Comments (1)
archie manning Archie Manning Shares His Favorite Game Day Memories

Photo: Jennifer Zdon/AP

He’s a man that needs no introduction. Former Ole Miss quarterback legend and dad of NFL champions, Peyton and Eli, Archie Manning is synonymous with “the love of the game.” He’s even on the board of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame.

While compiling facts for The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook, we asked “Papa Bear” a few questions about game day:

1. Do you have any superstitions you practice the day of a football game?
“Not any one thing in particular, but I’ve developed some during football games. When I watch my children play, sometimes I have to take a walk and move around, but i still have to be able to see the game. I may hang in a spot in the tunnel. If Olivia and I are watching our sons play on television and things aren’t going that well, we may swap chairs or I may watch on another television in a different room in the house.”

 2. Who is the greatest football player, coach, or icon of all time from Ole Miss?
“I’m partial to quarterbacks. Charlie Conerly, who played for the New York Giants, was my hero and one of the greatest players in Ole Miss football history. Jake Gibbs was great too. He went on to play professional baseball for the New York Yankees.”

3. What is the most memorable SEC game you’ve ever been to?
“One I played in against Alabama in 1969, although I don’t really like to say that because we lost. Another would be a convincing win that same year against No. 3 ranked Tennessee.”

4. What’s your favorite Southern food and who makes it best? 
“Olivia’s family had a cook named Bobbi and she made the best fried chicken. When we’d make trips to Philadelphia, Mississippi, after moving to New Orleans, she would always make fried chicken the first night we were there, especially for me. And we were always the most popular at the tailgates when we would arrive with her fried chicken.”

Southern Living Test Kitchen Director. Rebecca Kracke Gordon, is an SEC football fanatic and tailgate strategist. Follow her at and on Twitter @tidefanfare.

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