Fancy Up Your Walls with Becca Stadtlander’s Art

November 1, 2012 | By | Comments (0)
Becca Stadtlander

Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner

Some of Becca Stadtlander’s earliest paintings were of her dad’s legs from the knee down, in what she calls Muppet Babies style. Her art has since evolved, now featuring pastoral scenes around her home in Covington. This month, Southern Living readers can purchase any of her work at 15% off!

After finishing design school in Maryland, Becca returned to Kentucky to begin her career. Since then her illustrations have been used by the Red Cap Cards stationery line and featured in The Saturday Evening Post and The New York Times. Cards, $3-$10; prints, $20-$27, Use the code “SOUTHERN1” on Becca’s website for 15% off this month.

The Process: “I try to paint my landscapes as much from my memories as possible. But if I need to see one from a certain angle, I’ll look at photos.”

The Inspiration: “I love Southern folk art and Appalachian paintings. And I’ve always been influenced by Japanese watercolors.”

The Landscapes: “I like to paint old Kentucky river towns, like Augusta. Why paint anything else when you have such beautiful scenery in front of you?”

The Materials: “I use old brushes—they make beautiful textures. And I like gouache paints; they’re more opaque and velvety than regular watercolors.”


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