We’re Thankful to Be Southern Because We’re Still Perfecting the Gentleman

November 2, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Southern GentlemanThe charm of a Southern man is unparalleled. These nine tastemakers, with their disposition for tailored cuts and rich fabrics, help our boys look the part.

1. Southern Proper Hunt-inspired ties made with Wm. Lamb & Son. southernproper.com

2. House of Abbeydale Perfect-fitting suits. houseofabbeydale.com

3. Jack Donnelly Georgia-made khakis. jackdonnellykhakis.com

4. Rashon Carraway Thrifty vintage curated by a trusted style blogger. rashoncarraway.com

5. Alton Lane Tailored suits and shirts by UVA grads. altonlane.com

6. Brier & Moss The go-to for game-day attire. brierandmoss.com

7. J. Hilburn Travel totes and easy-to-wear knits. jhilburn.com

8. Social Primer by K. Cooper Ray Preppy ties. mdumasandsons.com

9. The Cordial Churchman Bow ties in seersucker and madras. thecordialchurchman.com


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