We’re Thankful to Be Southern Because We Like a Little Dirt Under Our Nails

November 7, 2012 | By | Comments (1)
Farm to Consumer

Photo by Matthias Clamer/Stockland Martel, Inc.

Food hubs, urban farms, and farm-to-consumer go-betweens are cropping up across the region, giving landless urbanites a chance to get their hands in the dirt and on fresh food.

Crop Mob Georgia connects volunteers on local plots (cropmobgeorgia.com).

In Charleston, GrowFood Carolina has converted an old warehouse to aggregate goods farmed within a 120-mile radius (growfoodcarolina.com). They handle marketing and distribution, so farmers can focus on planting and harvesting.

Through a market called Freshfully, Birmingham consumers can pick up CSA boxes sourced from within a 100-mile swath (freshfully.com).

Urban farms such as Love is Love in Atlanta (loveislovefarm.com) are literally cultivating new life in concrete jungles.

In each place, fresh food advocates connect people with growers, with each other, and ultimately with the land.


  1. Mary Hazlett

    This is a trend which is popping up across our wonderful United States of America ! How exciting it is to see small gardens growing in containers, back yards, and some families have small plots of veggies growing in their front yards. There is nothing like the taste of “fresh home grown” vegetables !

    November 8, 2012 at 12:43 am

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