You Could Win These Ice Cream Holders!

November 11, 2012 | By | Comments (84)
ice cream You Could Win These Ice Cream Holders!

Photo by Ralph Anderson

The ice cream social just got even more charming—and less messy—with colorful containers lined with alloy to keep the cool treat from melting. These cheery tubs from Lunares hold a standard pint of ice cream and were featured in our December issue’s Holiday Gift Guide.

This set of ice cream holders could be yours! To win tell us your favorite type of holiday get-together to host or attend–casual cookie swap, formal supper, we want to know! The most festive answer wins. The contest begins now and ends December 31. Click here for official rules.


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  2. Kathleen McGinn

    “Boxes, Bows (and a little booze)” – that’s what it says on the invitations, but it is so much more. I have always loved to wrap presents. I delight in finding the most colorful wrapping papers and ribbons and am fastidious about shaping the corners and combining ribbons and little mementos to personalize every package. With teenagers fleeing the house more often to spend time with friends, the house is more quiet during the holidays than in years past. I wanted to find ways to reconnect with my girlfriends for casual and festive get-togethers. So, I invite friends to wrap presents, listen to Christmas music, enjoy eggnog, champagne and tapas or other light fare. I lay out tables of wrapping papers, ribbons, sprigs, extra little ornaments – whatever fun things I can find to add to the gift wrappings. My girlfriends drive up and unload from their cars the packages that they need to wrap. We wrap, drink, nosh, and share. Everyone leaves with cars full of creatively wrapped packages, having had a fun evening with friends.

    December 31, 2012 at 3:54 pm
  3. Susan Gilley

    Our group of friends (of a certain age!) enjoyed our annual viewing of neighborhood Christmas decorations. We rated the offerings with a point system, deeming them worthy of a cheer or a boo. Either way, we celebrated afterwards with wine and sweets. Those special evenings were always filled with laughter!

    December 27, 2012 at 10:14 pm
  4. Kim

    My favorite holiday get together to host or attend are BCS Bowl Game Parties! The bowl games usually begin about the 15th of December and end with the national championship game in early January. Of course, we love the game most if an SEC team is playing!

    War Eagle!

    December 27, 2012 at 6:28 pm
  5. Vicki Smith

    My dayghter’s tenth birthday is January 31. We have decided to host a red carpet event. The ice cream holders would be such a nice touch to her party!

    December 23, 2012 at 8:26 am
  6. Rachael Melton

    My favorite holiday gathering is our annual Cookie Day on the 2nd Saturday of December! For 12 years, family and friends have gathered together for an all day event of baking our favorite cookies and candies and hanging out. We start in the morning and break for a light lunch from our favorite local bakery (Puffy Muffin) all the while we sip cranberry spice tea. We also have holiday crafts and cookie decorating for the kids. At the same time, the men and sons all go out to an afternoon matinee while the moms, daughters, and babies continue baking. Then in the evening we all gather back together for a multi-soup dinner and much laughter. The evening concludes with a cookie and treat swap. What could be more Southern than yummy food, good friends, and lasting memories. 🙂

    December 19, 2012 at 8:27 pm
  7. Pam Ouimet

    My favorite party has become a yearly event. A christmas Ornament exchange party. A group of our friends all wanted to have a small get together but none of us were in position to buy gifts – so I came up with the ornament exchange… it is a mixed group and we have each person bring a wrapped ornament for either a male or femaie. They place them under the Christmas tree and then we all hang out, we all bring an appetizer and our favorite drinks.
    We usually play a game such as Tailgate Toss, or darts or pool and have a wonderful time visiting with each other, then later on we do a mad dash for the ‘gifts’ each year we althernate as to what group gets to go first – males or females…. whom ever gets to go first rushes over to the tree, grabs a package and unwraps them. Then a group photo is taken with everyone holding up their ornament. We always have tons of fun (they scramble like children to get their gifts) and then I always make an ornament for them to take home. So when they leave they have the ornament they got in the exchange and the ‘hostess’ one I made for them. Good fun!

    December 13, 2012 at 12:23 pm
  8. Meagan Robbins

    My favorite gathering is always with my family…nothing fancy, just a time to eat, enjoy each others company, and celebrate the reason for the season. Before we exchange presents we always make a point to read the story of Jesus’ birth, and I always enjoy that part of our celebration because it’s so easy to get caught up in how stressful Christmas can be with all the shopping, decorating, and planning required for gatherings. With all the hustle and bustle we often forget to just stop and remember what Christmas is all about. So that is why I always look forward to gathering with my family on Christmas Eve…to celebrate the birth of the Savior who died for our sins so that we may spend eternity with Him one day!

    December 11, 2012 at 5:16 pm
  9. Amanda Jones

    My favorite get together is with my mother in law, sis in law and future brother in law…we open gifts and have holiday appetizers and amaretto punch, which is a Christmas must!

    December 11, 2012 at 9:48 am
  10. Katy N K

    I love the opulence of a formal Christmas cocktail party! You can make it special and unique while a true Southerner always loves a good excuse to get dressed up!

    December 11, 2012 at 9:17 am
  11. George Ehrmann

    My favorite holiday gathering is when we were children the whole family would gather at our Grandparents house on Christmas Eve to celebrate the family and the joy of the season. We would all meet and the children would go into the living room to watch TV, but we were all so excited because we received gift from everyone, of our grown up family. The adults would be busy in the kitchen preparing the salad, pasta, sauce, meatballs, fried eel, fried bread stuffed with tuna, sardines, or plain. Homemade wine would be brought up from the basement. As well as the fried cookies stuffed with walnuts they were stored in a vat of honey. After dinner we would exchange the presents to the family.
    Now that I’m older I dream of the days gone by, most of our families have drifted from traditions and our family’s have grown so large that we can’t all get together in one house. We keep the memories alive in our hearts and minds every day and we learn that the memories are the ties that bound us as children to pass on to our children.

    December 9, 2012 at 8:10 pm
  12. carol mckenzie

    My favorite holiday party to host asks that each guest bring their favorite ice cream recipe. We mix several of the tastiest (voted for by the guests) in our ice cream maker and while we’re waiting for ice cream to chill, we enjoy champagne and a soft and hard cheeze tray by the Christmas tree. A ginger ale & cranberry punch is offered for guests that prefer no alcohol.

    December 5, 2012 at 3:17 pm
  13. Ashley Gibson

    My favorite holiday gathering is definitely attending my boyfriend’s family’s annual ugly Christmas sweater party. They go all out, with the most fabulously hideous sweaters I’ve ever laid eyes on. The more bedazzled, the better. Last year, the winner, one of his cousins, wore a sweater that was completely covered in flashing colored Christmas lights and sang holiday songs. He wouldn’t tell us how he had created it, surely fearing someone would steal his idea this year. It’s all great fun, with good food, drinks, and tons of laughter. This year my sweater has Rudolph’s face on it, complete with his red light-up nose. I have a feeling I’m going to be outdone though!

    December 4, 2012 at 4:34 pm
  14. Christine Morin

    My favorite type of gathering is with my daughters making & decorating Christmas cookies especially gingerbread boys like I did with my mom & siblings…then watching the deep thoughts & gleem in their eyes when they put together & decorate their own gingerbread houses. I am taking advantage of these times with them seeing that they are teenagers & normally don’t have time for their momma! ❤

    December 4, 2012 at 11:34 am
  15. Barbara Unkle

    We host a casual holiday open house each year with a different theme. When we moved to Texas from the east coast, we used a theme with atlantic coast offerings…Maryland crab cakes, Smithfield ham biscuits, Maryland stuffed ham, crab soup, etc. We have had open houses where we asked guests to bring their favorite holiday appetizer. We had a holiday wine tasting open house with appetizers that matched each wine. The first year we moved back to Virginia, we had a TexMex theme for our holiday open house. With the colorful ice cream servers, we will use fiesta ware and highlight an ice cream bar to accompany a variety of holiday cookies and other sweets in addition to having traditional holiday appetizers.

    December 3, 2012 at 7:42 pm
  16. Meredith Murray

    The day I look forward to the most each holiday season is Cookie Making Day. Three (was four until last year) generations of women gather to bakes ten to twelves types of cookies. The best memories are the stories told while enjoying the “broken cookies” that came out.

    December 3, 2012 at 1:44 pm
  17. Tracie Digirolamo

    These adorable pint-sized ice cream cups would be perfect for my RV outings. We sit around outside and visit with old friends we are traveling with, or chatting with a new friend we have just made that day. I love to offer a little treat and ice cream is often served. Carrying the bowls,spoons, toppings, and a napkin can fill up a tray quick. The neat little spoon holder is perfect and I believe it would be a part of the good conversation along with the treat.

    December 2, 2012 at 6:48 pm
  18. Jennifer Lucus

    My favorite holiday event would have to be the tacky Christmas party that my brother started last year…we had so much fun seeing guests as they arrived, laughing, taking their pictures, coming up with funny names for name tags and most of all the fellowship and food!! The first annual was phenomenol and this years party is coming up and we can’t wait!!!

    December 2, 2012 at 5:48 pm
  19. Lauren Leban

    My favorite holiday gathering is Christmas Eve at our house! Since moving to Florida – away from most of our family in Wisconsin, we get a little homesick for family this time of year! Our gathering includes everyone who can fly down , plus new friends we’ve met here. We slide open our huge patio doors that open onto our screened lanai. Our home becomes a wonderful indoor/outdoor space to gather. We always have our Bing Crosby c d playing in the backround, a buffet of everybody’s favorite foods to eat , and gifts to open. Nothing beats great food, family and friends and a beautiful starlit sky overhead to really feel blessed on Christmas Eve! It is always special.

    December 2, 2012 at 4:18 pm
  20. carl smith

    my favorite holiday gathering is christmas when we gather together and have a potluck buffet at a family members home and open presents with everybody

    December 1, 2012 at 1:36 pm
  21. Beverlie Tigert Lee

    So rewarding is the Taste of Christmas party every year for the G G’s (Glory Girls) from my church. Required for entry is a Christmas snack with the recipe attached. As we feast on all the newly discovered Christmas treats, the laughter rings throughout. Highlight is The Musical Gift Exchange (like the Musical Chair game we are all too aged to play)! So, all remain seated in circle as one gift, (wrapped in several layers of paper) is exchanged while Christmas music plays and stops, with all the girls hoping she will be the one unwrapping the final layer of paper—thus the winner! Perhaps we should change the name of the Glory Girls to Grabby Girls! We share an abundance of food, laughter, and fun! Everyone goes home with a gift…….recipes for all!!

    November 30, 2012 at 11:34 am
  22. Leigh Nichols

    Pizza Party!

    November 30, 2012 at 4:20 am
  23. Courtney Cops

    My husband and I host an informal soup and salad Christmas dinner for the volunteers in our youth group ministry that we are in charge of. We offer a variety of delicious soups (perfect for a cold night), a variety of salads, along with an assortment of crackers and cheese and breads. We enjoy doing this for the people in our lives that give of themselves all year round helping teens in their daily struggles. We play fun games, and talk for hours. We top off the night with Christmas cookies and hot drinks. It’s the best feeling doing this for them!

    November 29, 2012 at 4:51 pm
  24. Diana Callahan

    This is easy!!! Every year since we’ve been marrried, 4th of July has been our favorite holiday to get together with family and friends. It is in the summer so many people with children can get away and get together. When we were first married 23 years ago, we always traveled to Alabama to my husband’s grandparents. After the passing of both his grandparents, we took up the mantle. We never know how many to expect, but everyone on his side of the family (and some of mine have come to enjoy this traditional gathering) know where the Callahan’s will be gathering on the 4th. We go all out with decorations and homecooked food. The guys are at the grill ( sometimes we borrow one if the crowd is too big for one) while the ladies are bustling in the kitchen. It is so exciting to see what goodies are going to come in through the door!! No pre-packaged food in this family!!! Yummy homemade sides, desserts and ice cream, watermelon, corn on the cob etc!!! We have a small town full of festivities, and this year our 11 year old won the watermelon eating contest. Having all the family there to root him on and and act like he had just won the Super Bowl was priceless!!!And Franklin, GA is known for its awsome display of fireworks on the Chattahoochee. Lots of cousins spend the night and we enjoy a big country breakfast the next morning,. One of the little cousins was so cute this year. He is the youngest at the age of 6. I had made him a bed in the boys’ room, but he insisted on sleeping in the living room. When I pressed him as to why, he grinned his toothless grin and said, “Because I want to be the first to smell your homemade breakfast”. That is a memory I will never forget!!!!! And I made him the biggest breakfast ever:)

    November 29, 2012 at 12:46 pm
  25. mary janssen

    My favorite holiday get together is a Christmas party with my work group from my first job. The company closed 16 years ago and ever since we have been getting together each Christmas to trade gifts and have a party. We all look forward to it and it brings us all back together to get updated on our lives and share memories.

    November 28, 2012 at 1:37 pm
  26. Sharon Callis

    We have a family tradition with the females in my family on my mom’s side. My mom, her sisters, their daughters and “their” daughters all go on a Friday night in December, spend the night in a hotel suite. We bring snacks, favorite movies and each daughter does something special for their mom: foot massage, back massage, pedicure, facial, recite a special poem, etc. What you can do for your mother is endless! We so enjoy the “quality time” it is sooooooo precious! By the way… I have an aunt that doesn’t have a daughter – we fight over who gets to pamper her (she loves it)!!! We all look forward to the time together and since we don’t all live in the same city we try to accommodate by switching cities each year. 🙂 😉

    November 27, 2012 at 8:05 pm
  27. Catherine

    My sister throws a girls Christmas party every year. It is lovely! Most of the ladies have children like myself, and it’s a nice break from the kids on a friday weeks before Christmas! We also do a gift exchange and everyone brings a dish.

    November 27, 2012 at 2:28 pm
  28. Christy Conaway

    My very favorite Christmas gathering is the one “free” night we squeeze in every year to get in our jammies (people probably think we are nuts!) and take whoever we can fit in the trailblazer and go drive around looking at lights! It is a tradition that has reached out to different kids and family members over the years! We drive around about a 3 town radius enjoying lights and laughing and singing Christmas songs! We come home to special treats and “It’s a Wonderful Life” or another Christmas classic the kids haven’t seen so we can share what we grew up on with them. The simple things in life can leave the absolute best memories!

    November 25, 2012 at 9:55 am
  29. Cathi scamara

    My favorite Christmas get together each year is put on by our city. We have a street called Vine. Each year all the residents decorate their houses every way imaginable. One night in December each year each of the houses light up their houses at the same time. We gather with our hot chocolate, put the kids in decorated wagons and set out for the most special evening under lights. Scrooge comes out and everyone laughs and enjoys him from a rooftop. We leave the evening feeling like all in the world is good and calm and with the most Christmas spirit ever.

    November 24, 2012 at 11:23 pm
  30. Judith E. Deck

    My favorite Christmas gathering is a cookie exchange with as many people as wish to participate. The cookies are always varied and delicious, and I come home with a wide assortment of delicious treats. We ask everyone to bring the recipes as well, so my family gets to sample, pick a favorite, and then I’ll make a whole batch of that recipe. It promotes fun and friendship among the participants, and encourages family time as we sample and bake.

    November 24, 2012 at 8:07 pm
  31. Donna Fenton

    When my children were younger we held a Happy Birthday Jesus party the first Saturday of December. We invited their friends, there was a birthday cake with Jesus’ name on it, ice cream and cookies. We read the Nativity story, and played games. When it came time for presents each child had brought with them an unwrapped gift that at the party we were going to wrap and donate to a charity for boys and girls who were needy. It really helped bring home the Reason for the Season and taught the children the fun of giving to others less fortunate. Soon I will be a grandma and I intend to continue the tradition.

    November 24, 2012 at 3:08 pm
  32. Christy Marshall

    My favorite by far has been the Open House my parents hosted on the first Saturday in December for many, many years. They lived on the lake, deep in the woods, just outside Clanton, AL. Church friends and lake neighbors and buddies would always come for their festive, casual gathering and get their fill of mom’s homemade fudge (best I’ve ever eaten!), Martha Washington and Hello Dolly candies, along with all the other goodies she came up with each year. My children always loved going to MawMaw and PaPa’s Christmas party every year from early childhood into their teens and early twenties when jobs and college finals began to interfere. Sadly those memories are just that, memories, as Alzheimer’s plagued them both and the parties dwindled down and eventually ceased. They are still with us but no longer can live at their beloved lake home, but the family is keeping and maintaining it to the best of our ability in their honor. I hope to one day re-start their tradition and host more gatherings at their home that they opened so warmly to all who crossed their paths for so many years! Looking forward to hosting MawMaw and PaPa’s Christmas Party in their well-earned honor one day…

    November 24, 2012 at 12:52 pm
  33. Teri Wesson

    My favorite holiday gathering is one with family, food, and (not-so-friendly) competition. My husband’s family Christmas celebrations include a game of some kind. One year we played Battle of the Sexes. My husband and I missed the year they played Family Feud, as we spent that holiday with my family. BUT this year we’re bringing back Family Feud. I know my team is going to win! 😉

    November 24, 2012 at 9:05 am
  34. Margaret Lanier

    My favorite Christmas get-together turned out to be two summers ago! My husband, children and I all moved to Wyoming 13 years ago, leaving all out family behind in Georgia. I seldom even get to talk to any of my sisters, and it’s even more rare for me to hear from my brother. Two summers ago (May) I got to see my mother, sisters, brothers, nephews, and new brother-in-law-to-be!! My kids and Husband especially had a good time! We all met at the Dairy Queen and enjoyed some ice cream. By the time we all parted out faces literally ached from laughing almost incessantly!! I haven’t gotten to spend Christmas with any of my family in over a decade, but that day made up for every Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter -and every other holiday I’ve missed living across the country- ten fold! I’ve never regretted moving to Wyoming, but I do miss seeing my sweet, sweet family during Christmas and Thanksgiving. My favorite Holiday memory turned out to be in the summer! But, that’s my family for you! God Bless and Merry Christmas!!

    November 23, 2012 at 7:00 pm

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