Feed Radio’s Thanksgiving Playlist

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greg and linton Feed Radios Thanksgiving Playlist

Photos courtesy: Restaurant Eugene; Greg Best

You’ve prepped the turkey, made the pies, bought the table accents. Everything is ready for your family Thanksgiving. But what about the music? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

For the past few weeks we’ve been following Feed Radio, a food-meets-music radio show hosted by acclaimed Atlanta chef Linton Hopkins and star drink maker Greg Best. On it the guys, who are behind ATL institutions such as Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch Public House, muse about everything from Southern chefs to creating perfect recipes and bar culture.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of dining at Holeman & Finch or Restaurant Eugene has noticed (maybe subconsciously) how cool the music and atmosphere is. Hopkins, an avid music lover, has been known to describe the two restaurants in terms of music, with Holeman & Finch being the more rambunctious rock-and-roll, and Restaurant Eugene a more sophisticated jazz.

Here, the guys share the perfect songs to guide you through the day, from cooking and eating to the lazy afternoon nap and sending everyone home at the end of the day.

Preparing the Feast
“Good Morning Good Morning,” The Beatles
It starts a little softly and builds to a quicker paced rhythm, just like prep. You start early in the day, a bit quiet and then comes the build up and speed. Actually any Beatles song is a great start. —Hopkins

Putting the Final Touches on the House
“Ravel: String Quartet In F – 2. Assez Vif, Très Rythmé,” YsaŸe Quartet
Light, springy, and a touch of controlled mania. This one just gets you in the mood to light candles and polish silver. — Best

Spreading Cheese and Drinking Cheer (a.k.a. Happy Hour)
“Gotta Serve Somebody,” Bob Dylan
The perfect cocktail hour song. Smoky and funky, and bluesy all rolled up in to one. I love the rhythm and comfort in this track. — Best

Dinner at 4 p.m. 
“Begin The Beguine,” Django Reinhardt
A classic with an uplifting festive mood. Its instrumental which is good for the background of a dinner. — Hopkins

Food Coma Imminent…  
“Sleepy Time Time,” Cream
Repetitive lyrics and melodic flow create the ideal backdrop for drool inducing couch time. — Best

Well, Let the Cleanup Begin 
“The Israelites,” Desmond Dekker
A working man’s song with great temp and the energy driven reggae beat to get the dishes done. Inspires great background vocal renditions. Everyone joins in on singing this song. — Hopkins

Second Dinner
“Love And Happiness,” Al Green
Being together and getting your family groove-on is what Thanksgiving is all about, and there is no better groove than what the good reverend lays down. Eating leftovers that night is one of those great family times. —Hopkins

The Ride Home 
“Graceland,” Paul Simon
A great metaphor, with enough pep to keep you from falling asleep again. The kind of song that makes you so sad and happy and filled with the kind of sentimental stuff that makes you weep a little while the rest of your family are snoozing in the car around you. — Best

Feed Radio airs at 7 p.m. the second and fourth Thursday of each month on AM 1690 The Voice of the Arts in Atlanta. If you’re not in Atlanta you can listen to the streams online.

Best and Hopkins were kind enough to create this print-and-go version of the playlist so you can have it at the ready whenever the party spirit calls.

feed radio thanksgiving 11 20 Feed Radios Thanksgiving Playlist


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