Dallas Native Makes Designer Jewelry Affordable

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BaubleBarDallas native Amy Jain remembers first walking into her hometown’s legendary deBoulle Diamond and Jewelry. As a middle school girl, she was dazzled by the baubles. And a dream was planted.

Years later, Amy and her friend Daniella Yacobovsky, are the duo behind BaubleBar, an e-commerce site that works on curating affordable, unique jewelry.

Their goal: provide consumers with “designer jewelry at guilt free prices,”  while making a profit for designers and themselves.

The Harvard grads both quit their jobs in New York’s financial sector to launch BaubleBar.

“We spoke with many designers and realized that some stores mark up prices 40, 50, even 60 percent, which isn’t good for consumers, but also designers weren’t happy because they aren’t selling as much as they should,” Amy says.

Amy and Daniella say the risk has paid off. In less than a year and a half, the business has moved from two cubicles in rented space to 40 employees in their own colorful office. Just recently, they also started “The Bar,” an in office store for New Yorkers to try out their beautiful baubles!

Amy says that it wasn’t just Texas ladies’ love of jewels that inspired her to start a business. She adds, “My high school, Greenhill School, really encouraged us to be creative and take chances. I think that’s where I first got the entrepreneurial bug.”

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