What I’m Eating Now: Larry McGuire

January 11, 2013 | By | Comments (0)
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Photo by Matt Lankes

Native Austinite Larry McGuire is one of those impossibly young, ambitious chefs that has earned an impressive amount of culinary street cred before turning thirty.

In a few short years McGuire (and a talented team) have quietly amassed a mini empire, including Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, Perlas Seafood & Oyster Bar, Elizabeth Street Café (an adorable French Vietnamese café), Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon, the newly opened Clark’s Oyster Bar.

When it comes to ingredients, his concepts run the gamut, from sriracha to wild boar, so we asked Larry to fess up on his ingredient of the moment. It turns out he’s more egg-centric than we thought.

Current ingredient obsession?

Eggs from my friend Marianna Peeler’s Farm.

Why do you love them?

I love breakfast cookery and really good farm eggs make all the difference.  I love knowing where my ingredients come from and the people that raise them.  Marianna’s chickens are raised on a hay farm an hour south of Austin, in what I can only describe as a health spa for chickens.

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Photo by Rebecca Fondren

How do you prepare them?

I love them soft scrambled and drizzled with good olive oil and fines herbs (chives, chervil, parsley).  We also soft boil them and serve them in Pho at Elizabeth Street Cafe or on top of Shrimp & Grits at Lamberts. Their bright orange yolks make our homemade ice creams richer and smoother.

We heard you shake a mean cocktail at Clark’s, your new oyster bar in West Austin. What’s the perfect libation to sip with a dozen on the half shell and shellfish?

I love the Vesper, a half Gin/half Vodka martini served with a twist in a classic small & thin martini glass.  It’s hard to beat a good bottle of cougar juice (buttery chardonnay) at Clark’s with a dozen oysters on a Saturday afternoon on the patio.

Tell us about your next restaurant, Jeffrey’s, slated to open next month.

You can expect a very detailed neighborhood fine dining restaurant with a great bar and super cush dining rooms.  Our team is gonna serve a rustic fine dining menu, blending French classics, dry-aged steaks, and a lot of wood oven cookery utilizing the bourgeoning local farms around Austin.  We’ll have a big, eclectic wine list, casual but old fashioned service, martini carts, soufflés, custom natty uniforms, and a lot of fun.


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