Home Decor Trend We Love: Painted Floors!

February 1, 2013 | By Mary Beard | Comments (2)
Sunny Goode naural painted floor

Photo Courtesy of Sunny Goode

One inexpensive and chic way to brighten your home after the dreary days of winter is with a fresh coat of paint—but keep your brushes off the walls and put them to work on your floors instead.

Okay, I can hear you now, “Painting perfectly good wood floors?” Yes, we suggest it, and here’s why.

Long forsaken for carpets and clear finishes, painted floors are making a comeback. Whether you go for the clean lines of stripes, or look towards a more geometric pattern, the result is a personalized finish that adds character and dimension to any room.

Check out Virginia-based decorative painter Sunny Goode’s website for inspiration, tips, and great finishes & stencils. Her products were also featured in January’s Southern Made so has our stamp of approval. But remember, not all painted floors are created equal; find an approach that suits your style:

painted kitchen floor

Photo by Laurie W. Glenn

Go Natural: Keep the classic look of the original wood and add a subtle pattern. This works well with rooms with neutral tones and deep rich wood floors and accents.

painted kitchen floor

Photo by Lauren Rubinstein

Go Light: A bright simple pattern (think thick stripes or large checks) in muted colors is a great way to lighten up a room. This especially works well in small spaces like laundry rooms or hallways.

Sunny Goode painted porch

Photo Courtesy of Sunny Goode

Go Bold: If you are feeling gutsy, choose your favorite rich paint colors and use some patterned stencils. This is great for entryways or even front porches to greet your guests with style. If you are feeling extremely bold, skip the stencils and let your own creativity be your guide.

Southern Living Executive Editor Jessica Thuston is even getting in on the trend, painting her kitchen floors (pictured at left) for a brand-new look. See how she did it with this easy how-to video:


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