Insider’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Presents for Your Guy

Photo courtesy of Peter Frank Edwards/Redux

Photo courtesy of Peter Frank Edwards/Redux

It’s that time again—the most romantic gift-giving holiday of the year. Feeling a little pressure? Understood. We turned to Southern style icon Sid Mashburn  for tips on Valentine’s Day shopping. 

Here’s Sid’s take about outfitting your Southern man:

Best gift of the season: “A very cool Swims one-handed umbrella. He pushes a button to open it or to close it while never letting go of his cell phone. The canopy is black—the handles come in orange, yellow, or black.”

Best item he’ll wear again and again: “A navy cashmere V-neck sweater, no question. It goes with every outfit. And it used to be a goat. Goats are pretty versatile, you know. Cashmere is the original Polarfleece.”

Best item for an upscale guy: “The sporty guy would have Globe-Trotter luggage—it’s British, 12 layers of their patented Vulcan fiber (Winston Churchill carried the attaché). I’d recommend Filson luggage for the guy wanting rugged yet chic durability to last him a lifetime.”

Best casual look: “Some guys don’t always want to wear a tie. For a Saturday night out, he can suit up in A.P.C. jeans or Levi’s 501 dark jeans, a Caruso navy blazer, a Sid Mashburn shirt, and Sid Mashburn suede Chelsea boots (they go above the ankle with elastic on both sides to ease sliding them on—like a casual version of English riding boots). The result is a look that knows no age. Who can argue with that?”

Best rule to remember: “It’s always good to be dressed, or you’ll get in trouble with the law. Seriously, clothes should fit, probably closer than he’s used to. Achieving the right fit will help him lose 10 pounds visually without needing to exercise.”

Best advice to the ladies: “Start small. A shirt or pair of jeans, a sweater, something to get the ball rolling. That way you can have your say as a woman. I know. I live with six women [one wife, five daughters].”


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