Now Here’s How The South Does Happy Hour

February 9, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

Last week we hosted our very first South-wide happy hour to celebrate our February ode to the South’s Best Bars. We collaborated with 27 bars that offered special deals on cocktails such as sherry cobbler and pecan old fashioned, and micro-brewed beers at a discount. We do love a bargain.

For this virtual happy hour, which connected Southerners across 10 states, we asked people to use #SouthernHappyHour when posting to social. Below are some of our favorite images from the night as seen on Instagram.

Stay tuned for another South-wide Happy Hour coming next year. Until then, whenever you find yourself enjoying a drink on the porch or at one of the South’s great establishments, don’t hesitate to show us how you’re toasting by using #SouthernHappyHour on Twitter and Instagram. Cheers!

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