Finally, Growing Roses Made Easy!

March 2, 2013 | By | Comments (1)
Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

Photo courtesy of Taunton Press

Confession: This garden editor was not a huge fan of roses—until I met Paul Zimmerman four years ago at the Organic Growers School in Asheville, North Carolina.

There, in a room full of experienced gardeners and professionals, he dispelled the myths, rules, and general hoopla that had many of us shunning these enchanting beauties for quite a while. His mantra: Roses are plants, too. They are nothing more than flowering shrubs—treat them that way.

In his new book, Everyday Roses, Paul proves that ANYONE can indeed grow beautiful roses without an arsenal of chemicals. His practical approach is perfect for beginners and can be eye-opening for the seasoned gardener looking for a better way. Everyday Roses is a must for anyone wanting to incorporate roses into their landscape without creating a designated “rose garden.”

Paul, a South Carolinian, draws upon 20 years of tried-and-true, hands-on experience. You’ll learn how to choose easy-care selections, plant, and prune with confidence—whether you have the popular landscape types like the Knock Out and Drift series or that Southern classic, climbing ‘New Dawn.’


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