Southern Charm Tip #252: Maintain a Well-Stocked Gift Closet

March 30, 2013 | By Caroline McKenzie | Comments (1)
Southern Charm Tip #252: Maintain a Well-Stocked Gift Closet

Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner

How many times have you been stuck in a checkout line, feeling like a lame mother/friend/daughter because you scrambled together a gift at the last possible minute–again? And, by the way, it’s the most generic thing known to man. Or woman. Spend one afternoon online and you can stock up on an assortment of great presents. Here, our favorites for every occasion. Pick and choose a mix that’s right for you.

For Babies: Small Frye Rodeo Booties (1) $38; Sweetpea Hats (3) (Works for baby boys and girls!) $43;

For Children’s Birthdays: Wood Bowling Set (8) (No need to wrap! Just tie a ribbon on the bag) $20; Q&A A Day For Kids (2) $16.95; Crayon Necklace (4) $10.50;

For Graduations: To Kill a Mockingbird (12) $18;

For Grown-Up Birthdays: Bamboo Bangles (5) $24 for set of 2; Indigo Stripe Clutch (7) $38;

For Housewarmings: Round Succulent Sculpture (6) (A “houseplant” that will last beyond moving day) $25;

For Weddings: Champagne Flutes (11) (Divvy them up any way you want: two to one couple, four to another!) $58 for set of 6;

For Hostess Gifts and Thank-Yous: Brut Rose (9) $42; Mini & Small Pedestals in White (10) $14 and $38;


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