Shop Local: The Must-Have iPad Case

April 24, 2013 | By | Comments (0)
PJ and Holly

Photo courtesy Dan Dalstra Photography

This sweet couple based out of Lake Jackson, Texas, is making the coolest leather accessories and rustic-chic homewares this side of the Mason-Dixon line. 

PJ Brown has worked with leather, making custom holsters and belts, since he was 15 years old. So when it came time to get married two years ago, PJ and his bride, Holly, put their skills to use to make side money for the wedding. The result: Getting Weddy, an Etsy shop that offers PJ’s leather goods such as iPad sleeves and belt buckles, as well as Holly’s handmade rosary beads and rustic home decor like Mason jar wall sconces.

Getting Weddy

Photo by Ralph Lee Anderson

The couple continues to sell their wares when not working day jobs: He’s a Boy Scout camp ranger, and she’s a newspaper photographer. The wall sconces start at $17.95, rosary beads at $30, and iPad sleeves at $100.

So, what are we buying first?
“Our deluxe iPad sleeve has a leather body with natural accents. Its shoulder strap can be ordered in any length so the case can be worn as messenger bag, shoulder bag, or handbag,” says PJ.

Cool, how is it made? 
“I work on a harness stitching machine and finish using the saddle stitching method. It takes about a month to make,” PJ says.

And tell us about the great-looking material.
“I use vegetable-tanned tooling leather that I source locally and finish it with a mixture of oils to darken it for a deeper, richer tone,” says PJ.

Aha! And the lining?
“I line the inside with a soft material called Eco Felt, which is made out of recycled plastic bottles,” PJ says. “It protects the device from scratches and scuffs.”

Sold! We think these make for great gift for young high school or college grads!


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