Etsy Shop of the Month: Ceramica Botanica

April 26, 2013 | By | Comments (2)

Each month Dixie Chic is scouring the storefronts to bring you our favorite Southern artisans. From textiles to typography and everything in between, discovering truly unique Southern pieces has never been this easy—or this fun.

Ceramica BotanicaThe Shop:
Going seven years strong, Ceramica Botanica is a pottery shop showcasing Texas-based Susan Rodriguez’s bright and eclectic custom pieces.

After fulfilling a ceramics course requirement at Texas State University, Susan fell in love with the medium. “I found myself in the ceramic studio most of the time creating everyday functional pieces that were graphic and crisp, yet very handmade and lighthearted,” she says. That class led to her earning a BFA in ceramics and more than 20 years honing her skills.

Her Style (and Why We Love It):
Playful, fun, and just a little bit quirky. Her pieces are great for summer entertaining or for the room that needs a little pop of color.

Drawing Inspiration:
Susan looks to nature when finding inspiration for her pottery. So much so, that she named her shop with nature in mind, and includes the forms and shapes of leaves, sprouts, stems, and tendrils into many of her designs. She also finds ideas from vintage textiles, patterns, and even children’s books.

Southern Influence:
“I have lived in Texas my whole life, so it is all I know,” says Susan. “At the same time I was discovering pottery, I was also having my first exposure to Mexican Folk art and I believe the two have intertwined. San Antonio has its own style. It is colorful, flashy, and in love with beauty.”

Susan’s San Antonio Picks:
1. A bike ride along the new Mission Reach Riverwalk.
2. Exploring the King William area—a historic district with fantastic architecture, art spaces, and restaurants.
3. A visit to the McNay Museum—the first Modern Art Museum in Texas and home to more than 20,000 works of art.

Check out Ceramica Botanica’s Storefront:


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