Buy This Planter & Save Your Marriage!

May 9, 2013 | By | Comments (1)
Grumpy's container

Grumpy saved his life by presenting this gorgeous planter to his beloved. He encourages all those with any sense at all to do so as well. Photo by Katie Morrow.

On five days a year  – Christmas, Valentine’s, your anniversary, your spouse’s birthday, and Mother’s Day — men’s lives hang by the teeniest of threads. Forget a gift to mark the occasion and you’re deader than the market for rotary phones. Grumpy can’t help you with the first four days, but has a great idea for Mother’s Day — our designer series of Southern Living Container Gardens on sale now at Home Depot.

Designed by Carmen Johnston, Southern Living‘s Garden Lifestyle Expert (who more than once has chastised Grumpy for spray-painting his pink flamingos blue), these colorful, no-fuss gardens come in containers that are 14-inches square and 12 inches tall. She’s already chosen flowers whose colors and forms combine perfectly. They’re planted and ready to go.

The planter I’m holding features four different flowers — magenta petunia with a white edge, purple angelonia, blue trailing verbena, and white, trailing bacopa. It makes me looks like a creative genius, but I didn’t do one dang thing. The petunia, verbena, and angelonia can stay in the planter all summer. When the weather really gets hot, you’ll need to replace the bacopa with something trailing like ‘Silver Falls’ dichondra.

So how much is saving your relationship going to cost you? $24.98. That’s basic insurance. For true peace of mind, you might want to buy two. Grumpy might buy three.


  1. ColonialHouse (@CHouseOfFlowers)

    GREAT idea!

    May 15, 2013 at 12:23 pm