Lazy Man’s Cinnamon Rolls

May 9, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Welcome to Off-the-Clock, a series of stories dedicated to what our Test Kitchen team likes to cook up when our aprons come off and we need a break from fried chicken and layer cakes.

A slice of warm cinnamon toast—with crisp edges, a soft, buttery center, and a thin veil of barely melted sugar—will motivate me to do just about anything.  When I was a kid, my mom used its sweet aroma to persuade me out of bed in morning. In college, it fueled me through long stretches of studying. And now, my husband knows he’s only a few ingredients and five minutes away from yanking me out of a bad mood. I call cinnamon toast the Lazy Man’s Cinnamon Roll.  It’s just as comforting as the classic buns but so much easier to make.

Lazy Man's Cinnamon Rolls

My go-to cinnamon toast is a grown-up version of the stuff I ate as a kid.  I like to add benne seeds, which give it a nutty, savory note and use thick slices of artisan bread to give it instant polish.  Some tips:

  • Be liberal with all the toppings: butter, sugar, cinnamon, and benne seeds.
  • Day-old bread makes great cinnamon toast.  Pick up a nice loaf for dinner and use leftover slices for cinnamon toast in the morning.
  • If company’s coming, skip the toaster oven and use a real oven to make a big batch.
  • To get the toast golden brown, finish the toast under the broiler for just a minute.  Don’t walk away!  It’ll darken quickly and burnt cinnamon toast is the pits.
  • All you need for a fabulous Sunday brunch is a stack of cinnamon toast and some olive oil-fried eggs.


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