You Shot It: Traveling Through Mississippi

Every week we ask you to share your favorite Southern sights using #SouthernSnapshot. This week we are loving the Mississippi shots captured by @F8inMemphis. Here are some of our favorites and the photographer’s descriptions for the images.



“Hot tamales and they’re red hot: The White Front Cafe in Rosedale, Mississippi, is the home of the late Joe Pope’s Delta tamales. The restaurant, in operation since the 1970s, serves nothing but tamales. Rosedale is about 110 miles south of Memphis on Route 1.”

5e8e64b4b79a11e280a722000a9e28dc 7 You Shot It: Traveling Through Mississippi


“Inside Rodney Presbyterian Church in the abandoned town of Rodney, Mississippi. (The brick church shown in previous posts.) Rodney is about 280 miles south of Memphis.”



“Colorful cotton wagon at a rusty-roofed gin—in Holmes County, Mississippi, about 130 miles south of Memphis.”



“One more view from the almost-abandoned town of Rodney, Mississippi. My photo, edited by @elektrakind, who is over at EyeEm. Rodney is about 280 miles south of Memphis, near Port Gibson.”

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