Another Reason Nashville is Hot (And Yes, There is Some Taylor Swift)

May 22, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

The hit TV show Nashville has its season finale tonight and Husk Nashville is opening on Thursday, but there’s another reason we’ve got our eye on this city. (Nashville can’t help it–it’s on a roll.)

This week Nashville’s Music City Center opened, and we were there for it. The 2.1-million-square-foot building is at the heart of South of Broadway’s (SoBro) revitalization. Yes, it’s a convention center, designed to attract visitors from all over the world, but it’s not the standard boxy, unimaginative meeting space. Instead, the light-filled building boasts architecture as dynamic as the Music City. Plus, with wide open spaces inside and out, it’s designed to be a meeting place for locals. This one dropped by the grand opening concert, which was free to the public. (One of many we hope!)

Sheryl Crow

Photo: Erin Shaw Street

Located between Fifth and Eighth avenues, between Demonbreun and Franklin streets, the building is infused with Nashville style. Just look at the roof:

Nashville's Music City Center

Photo: Erin Shaw Street

We appreciate the way that Nashville’s heritage is reflected in the 4 acres of grass on the rooftop planted to resemble Tennessee Hills (the grass also helps collect rainwater for recycling). The state’s musical roots are infused throughout the massive building, from the carpet decorated with patterns that resemble sound waves to the art on the walls:

Johnny Cash Wall Art

Photo: Erin Shaw Street

Did we mention that there’s also a lot of light in the building? There is.

Nashville's Music City Center

Photo: Erin Shaw Street

The Music City Center is the first of three major projects dramatically changing the SoBro area. Directly across the street is the Omni Hotel, scheduled to open September 30. The hotel, with a biscuit bar (yes, a biscuit bar) and downtown views (see: rooftop shot above), will also connect to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Current construction at the Country Music Hall of Fame will more than double this landmark, providing more space for its one-of-a-kind collections and hands-on visitor experiences. This will include the new Taylor Swift Education Center, featuring special exhibits for children to learn about the roots of country music and educational programs for students to interact with songwriters.

It’s good stuff. We’ll be back.


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