60-Second Breakfast: Strawberry Basil Buttermilk Smoothie

June 11, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

image[1]I’ve never had a knack for flowers, but herbs, they grow for me like weeds, especially basil. My basil pots are like my pets. Their big leaves, some the size of my palms, wave me off to work in the morning. And when I return at night, they kiss me with their sweet, earthy, intoxicating perfume as I pluck a handful to be worked into dinner or muddled into a cocktail.

If my plants are growing especially well, I’ll treat myself to homegrown basil at breakfast. Basil scrambled eggs—buzz the leaves with eggs and a glug of milk in the blender for the best flavor—basil pancakes or a basil and tomato bagel sandwich. If I need something fast, a basil smoothie is my jam. Today, I tucked the leaves in my purse and whipped up a smoothie in the Test Kitchen before heading to my office.

Simply blend a huge handful of basil (stems are okay!) with about a cup each of strawberries (or peaches, or blueberries) and greek yogurt. Add buttermilk until you’ve got the consistency you like. I prefer buttermilk to milk because its tangy flavor brings out basil’s sweetest notes. Drizzle in some honey and add texture with coconut flakes if you’re feeling fancy.


  1. Arthur in the Garden!

    Looks Wonderful!

    June 11, 2013 at 12:07 pm