Grow a Kid-friendly Garden

Grow a Kid-Friendly Garden

Easy starter kit with 12 seed packets
Photo by Shannon Satterwhite

Dig this: Burpee, the country’s leading home gardening company, is partnering with the American Heart Association to promote healthy eating choices among families across the nation. How? By launching the Teaching Gardens At Home Starter Seed Kit, complete with everything from carrot to cauliflower seeds, along with recipes for heart-healthy dishes.

“By planting a seed in nutrient-rich soil—gathering energy from the sun, watering, and taking care of the garden,” says Kelly Meyer, cofounder of the American Heart Association’s Teaching Gardens, “children can learn about the natural benefits of whole foods.”

Grow a Kid-Friendly Garden

Recipe card from the American Heart Association included in the kit
Photo by Shannon Satterwhite

She’s right. Studies indicate that the more children are involved in gathering and cooking their own food, the more likely they are to try new flavors and textures, including (wait for it)…vegetables!

In addition, Burpee has agreed to donate $1.50 to the American Heart Association for every kit sold on its website, helping their mission to promote a heart-healthy lifestyle—a great opportunity for school teachers, parents, or anyone who wants to try their hand at home gardening. Learn more about the Teaching Gardens Program.


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