The Gasparilla Cookbook

July 12, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

community cookbookgasparilla.cookbookToday’s Community Cookbook: The Gasparilla Cookbook (Copyright 1961 by The Junior League of Tampa; Hillsboro Printing & Lithograph Co., Tampa, FL)

A Tampa cocktail party, circa 1961. On the buffet: Mrs. J. Brown Farrior’s Shrimp Roundelays, Mrs. Arthur D. Brown’s Fondue Neufchateloise, and Mrs. Eckford Hodgson’s Rancho Aubrey Bean Dip. To drink? Dr. William Moore’s Artillery Punch (1 quart each of sherry, bourbon, brandy, and soda water, among other tinctures). Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road Jack” plays on the turntable. Everyone’s happy, everyone’s tan, and everyone on the cul-de-sac is sharing their favorite recipes from a hot new release, The Gasparilla Cookbook. Fifty-two years later, the book, named after the pirate ship of Jose Gaspar, a lieutenant in the Spanish Navy who went rogue, still sizzles.

Don’t forget to send us a photo of your favorite community cookbook for a chance to win a collection of vintage cookbooks!


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