Happy Holidaze!

July 26, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

48468bd6f60211e2aaec22000a1faf7c 7 Happy Holidaze!

When I took the position of Test Kitchen Director of “The South’s Most Trusted Kitchen” I was told by more than one team member that a sensory confusion would inevitably take place as we soldiered through overtly wintertime recipes in the spring and dove headfirst into summer delicacies in the middle of fall. Such is the schedule of recipe testing, writing, photographing, and editing the food content of Southern Living!

Staying ahead, months ahead, is, to put it simply, how we roll. I did not experience this seasonal bafflement at first, took it for a grain of table salt, until now. Happy Thanksgiving!! It’s late July.

Every fiber of my cook’s being wants to be thinking of fresh peaches, tender lady peas, and supple summer squash. We’re enjoying that for sure, but I’m also mulling over roasted turkey, baked ham, root vegetable mash, and the ever-present cornbread dressing.

We are taking the classics to all new levels and bringing exciting new dishes to the Thanksgiving table; but the fact remains it is surreal more than confusing to be so inundated in such a classic holiday in 90 degree Alabama heat.

The truth is: I couldn’t be happier to be cooking right now and can’t wait to embrace that magical time of year, Christmas. It will be August outside, but the good cheer and perfection of holiday cuisine will be in full effect in the Test Kitchen.


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