Steele This! The Federal Lantern

stone lake house front door l Steele This! The Federal Lantern

Photo credit: Laurey Glenn, photographer; Matthew Gleason, prop stylist

No front entry is complete without a statement-making lantern—and this kind of statement is best delivered with confidence (in other words, subtlety is not the goal). That said, a measured dose of elegance is in order, as we Southerners like to put others at ease when we make a first impression. Enter the Federal lantern (pictured above*). It’s generous scale and cut-out, pagoda-inspired top exudes strength and refinement, not to mention a little historic character. And here’s the good news: this iconic fixture doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Federalist Lantern2

Photo credits: a) Pottery Barn b), c) Circa Lighting

a) Bolton Sconce, $299;

b) Large Federal Outdoor Light, $589;

c) Short Linear Lantern, $840;

*For more ideas on how to give a new house old soul, check out the August issue of Southern Living, in which we honor the best new home and other home award winners.


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