Sunday Supper: Chicken and Dumplings

October 27, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Whether it’s a succulent pot roast, cheesy casserole, or warming, savory stew, we love Sunday supper. It’s a dinner party without the formality, where family and friends gather for easy conversation and good food – lots of it!

This week, we’re highlighting one Southern chef’s unique approach to a Sunday supper-worthy dish: chicken and dumplings. We’ve picked out Chef Ford Fry of renowned Atlanta restaurant JCT Kitchen for his modern approach to the irresistible marriage of tender, pulled chicken and fluffy dumplings.

Chef Fry's Chicken and Dumplings; Courtesy Andrew Thomas Lee

JCT Kitchen’s Chicken and Dumplings; Courtesy Andrew Thomas Lee

Chef Fry’s version of chicken and dumplings has been on the menu since day one. He opts for chicken leg, cooking it in the style of duck confit. He cures the chicken overnight in a spice mixture, slow-poaches it in duck fat, and then crisps it in a pan before serving. Chef Fry makes his dumplings from ricotta cheese, sourced from local buttermilk.

“My thought was really to do a play on chicken and dumplings to show that we are Southern by way of using local, Southern, ingredients as opposed to the expected Southern,” he says.

We’re big fans of Chef Fry’s innovative chicken and dumplings, but we also adore the tried-and-true version that our grandmothers spoon-fed us. We’ve picked out three of our favorite classic chicken and dumpling recipes that we think you’ll love.

Traditional: Classic Chicken and Dumplings

Shortcut: Easy Chicken and Dumplings

Lots’a Veggies: Chicken and Cornbread Dumplings


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