Blogger We Love: Happily Grey

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Happily Grey

Photos courtesy John Hillin

What I love most about Mary Seng of Happily Grey is her ability to mix things up. One day she’s in torn jeans and a T-shirt and the next she’s striding along in a gorgeous, girly frock and heels. But no matter what she’s wearing, her style—colorful, trendy, and elegant—always shines through.

Hometown: Marshall, Texas

Living in: Nashville

Music City style: It’s very laid back and approachable. There is a good mix of hipster and bohemian influence that comes from the art and music scene, and some Western edge as well.

Happily Nashville

Photo courtesy John Hillin

Fashion icon: Designer Billy Reid—I like his idea of faded elegance. He has a strong aesthetic that really reflects his upbringing and personality in a subtle way.

Southern style: It’s warm and welcoming. There isn’t such a strong focus on the latest trends, so it tends to be lighter, classic, and personalized.

Blog roll: “Current favorites are Fashion Toast, Ellin Kling, 5 Inch and Up, and Always Judging.”

Fall must-haves: “Over the knee boots and an oversized coat.”

And now some style lessons from Happily Grey.
1. It’s hip to be square. Geometric prints are in for the season.

Happily Square

Photos courtesy John Hillin

2. Plaid skirts are not just for prep school.

plaid3dsc 9769 Blogger We Love: Happily Grey

Photo courtesy John Hillin

3. If you love something, find lots of ways to wear it.


Photos courtesy John Hillin

What Southern blogger do you love? Tell us in the comments! 


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