Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

December 12, 2013 | By | Comments (0)
Christmas trees

Photo: regan 76

It’s that special time of year again when otherwise decent, compassionate people deliberately kill a tree to make their children happy. Here’s a very entertaining and informative video by Grumpy himself to help you pick the very best killed tree for your darling kids.

My, wasn’t that everything you expected and MORE? Once again, the ever-generous Grump has gone above and beyond to meet and exceed all expectations! Let’s recap some the main points.

1. When you buy a tree from a Christmas tree lot doesn’t matter that much, because you don’t know when the trees were cut. So……………….

2. To make sure you’re getting a fresh tree that will hold its needles indoors, check the color of the needles. They should be deep green or blue-green, not yellow-green.

3. Then run your hand over the needles. They should feel firm and supple. If a lot of needles fall from the outside of the branches, the tree is dry. Pick another tree.

4. Bonus point! Firs — Fraser, noble, white (concolor), Douglas — have the longest lasting needles.