Atlanta Designer Uses Reclaimed Pieces to Make Must-Have Jewelry

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Birmingham native Mark Edge delivers the kind of bold pieces with a vintage feel that make for instant conversation starters. Honing in on his talent since middle school, Mark started making and selling his wares in his hometown where he quickly drew a large following selling at high-end boutiques. These days the seasoned designer is in Atlanta and focusing on his ecoVintage collection, a line of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings each using reclaimed items like 19th-century coins.

Signature Look: “There is a little dressy and a little casual in each piece. I’m attracted to elegant and substantial pieces that will stand the test of time. I really love using coins in my pieces and they’ve become some of my best-sellers.”

Influences:  “In the process of restoring my 100-year-old home, I realized that I should do to my jewelry what I was doing to my house; mixing something new with something old. I love old houses with character. The south not only has a lot of these perserved homes but also really embodies this nostalgic idea.”

Materials: ” I use vintage coins, semi-precious beads, Austrian crystals, and hand crafted silver squares to name a few.”

Favorite Southern Designers: “Amy Wikman of Bjork Studio in Atlanta. She is an amazing designer and I turn to her for fashion advice. She designed my home and made a lot of my furniture. I also love Atlanta-based Bobo Intriguing Objects that has an great product line of furniture and decor.”

Celeb Fans: “Several celebrities are have worn my pieces including: Courtney Cox, Jane Fonda, Vanessa Williams, Martina McBride, and Drew Barrymore.”

Find Mark Edge jewelry at Village Sportswear in Birmingham, Summer House in Jackson, and Leftovers in Brenham, Texas. For a complete list of where to buy, check out

Tell us about your favorite Southern designer and you could see them featured in an upcoming story.


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