My Southern Valentine: Favorite Love Stories for V-Day

February 14, 2014 | By | Comments (5)

Happy Valentine’s Day, belles and beaus!

One of the greatest joys of working at Southern Weddings is getting to read real love stories every single day. From the high school sweethearts who finally walk down the aisle to the couples who fell in love at first sight and were married months later, each story is magical in its own way. We share real love stories, and the weddings they lead to, every day on the Southern Weddings blog, and today, we’re honored to share a few of our very favorites!

From Ali: Our special date began when Austin took me to Waco Hall to watch The Nutcracker. After the ballet, we drove down Austin Avenue to look at Christmas lights. Austin and I love to drive down Austin Avenue in Waco to look at the beautiful old houses–it was something we did on our very first date. Austin parked the car and asked me if I wanted to walk around for a bit. He took my hand and brought me over to the fountain, that was covered in lights and candles. Austin turned to face me and I heard our song, “Your Hand In Mine” by Explosions in the Sky, begin to play in the background. He somehow got me to stop looking at him and look up at the ALICO building, a Waco landmark, and it was then that I noticed that the C and the O had been turned off, so my name was lit up for the whole city to see!!! Austin shared that it was no coincidence that we drove down Austin Avenue, that ALI was shining in the sky, and that we were in the same class together years ago. He quoted scripture, spoke incredibly kind words, and then knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him! See the rest of their love story here!

From Alise: In July 2010, my best friend and I traveled through Europe together. The first country on our trip was Ireland, and on our last night there, we went to a pub. Within minutes, I locked eyes with a handsome guy across the room and he came over to talk to me. I was instantly smitten with Conor’s accent and good looks. I never thought I would see him again, since my friend and I flew to London the next day, but a few days later, he sent me a Facebook message. We returned to Ireland on the last leg of our adventure to fly home a few days later, and I spent those last days with Conor. We knew we had something incredible, but we also knew the probability of us actually working out was pretty slim. We Skyped and emailed every chance we got, and I flew back to Belfast in October for two weeks. Those two weeks were definitely the major turning point in our little love story. We fell crazy in love with each other, and knew we would find any way to make the distance between us work.

On December 26, 2010, I was supposed to fly to Belfast, but there were snowstorms all along the East Coast and my flight was cancelled. Conor insisted that I get on the next flight, and I arrived in Belfast the next evening, exhausted from my trip. When we got back to his apartment, Conor asked me to open my Christmas presents. Even though we had only been together for five months, he had written “our story” since the night we met. At the end, it said how he felt about me, and that he had to ask me a question that could change our lives forever. When I looked up with tear-filled eyes, he was down on one knee, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. See the rest of their love story here!

From Lindsey: I spotted Adam for the first time at a progressive dinner during one of my first weekends as a resident of Birmingham. When he walked in the door, my jaw hit the floor! I spent the better part of the night either in the bathroom with one of my besties, Audrey, getting the scoop on him and telling her she MUST set us up, and making loops around the house, trying to catch his eye. It didn’t work. After that, I set out on a mission to run into this gorgeous guy again. I didn’t know his name, so naturally, my friends and I deemed him “My Original Birmingham Crush” or “Crushie” for short. I was waitin’ on him just like a spider! Unbeknownst to me, our mutual friend Thomas was workin’ behind the scenes to set us up, and “happened” to invite us both to a movie. Finally, a formal introduction was made! The next time I saw him, we talked for about an hour, and for the next three weeks, I waited on that first date. I had grown tired of this relationship (or lack thereof) dominating my thoughts, so I prayed to rest in God’s plans for our relationship, rather than trying so hard to manipulate the situation. That very same day I prayed, he FINALLY asked me out!! See the rest of their love story here!

From Kara: In January 2011, I was headed to Cabo for a long weekend with friends, and found myself wandering around the Charlotte airport. Out of nowhere, a very tall, handsome guy walked up next to me. He was carrying one of those oversized L.L. Bean bags that only sorority girls and dads carry. I thought it was quite odd, because he was very handsome, wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, and there were no baby or sorority letters in sight, so why was this guy carrying this super feminine bag? Against my better judgement, I simply walked away, for fear of being rejected. I spent the long weekend in Cabo feeling furious with myself for not speaking to him. A few weeks after I got back, I was set up on a date. He came to the door to pick me up and I noticed that he was extremely tall and devastatingly handsome. I still vividly remember the moment Jon went to get something out of his closet and I noticed a red L.L. Bean bag sticking out! Later, we put our timelines together and found out that it was indeed Jon in the Charlotte airport that day, flying somewhere for work. Funny how things work out! See the rest of their love story here!

From Lynze: John played high school soccer with my twin brothers and our families were friends. He took me to homecoming my freshman year – we were in the same group as my brothers, mortifying! – but it wasn’t until two years later when John went off to college in Texas that we began to track one another from afar. John moved to NYC after graduating, where I was spending the summer interning between years at the University of Michigan, and reconnected as friends in the city. When I decided to study abroad the next year in the Middle East, John was my first visitor. And when, once again, I came back to NYC to spend the summer interning, we spent every spare second together and decided that not being together was out of the question. That is, until I received a great opportunity to move to Dubai to work after graduating. I remember feeling like I had to take this job, but had no idea where that left us.

We went to his favorite Mexican restaurant, where I broke the news. It took John all of two seconds to decide he would move too. I attribute our entire relationship to this two-second decision timing and his sincere confidence in our relationship so early in the game. After four years of living abroad, traveling the world together, and creating a family of friends overseas, he planned an elaborate proposal with 30 of our friends on the beach. See the rest of their love story here!

We would love to hear your love story too! Tell us all about how you and your significant other met in the comments section.

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  3. Samantha

    I met Will while I was one a date with one of his fraternity brothers! I dated that guy for five years while Will became one of my closest friends and my other friends insisted I was with the wrong guy and WIll was the one for me. In Fall of 2012, my ex and I broke up for good and Will and I decided to go to a concert, just as friends. Later that night, he told me he had been in love with me for five years. We started dating at got engaged less than 5 months later! We are getting married May 10, 2014 and I am so incredibly lucky to literally be marrying my very best friend. He is everything I have ever wanted and can’t believe he was right in front of me the entire time!

    February 19, 2014 at 2:22 pm
  4. Laura

    beautiful love stories! But I have a story that happened after my love story. When I was getting married, I started feeling so overwhelmed with the wedding planning that I was about to give up with the self planning. But one day, almost as a coincidence, I found an amazing website that rescued me ! It is the best guide for everything you need related to weddings: Enjoy it!

    February 19, 2014 at 8:04 am
  5. Eileen Keatts

    Well I’m much older than all of these beautiful young brides but I believe my “old” love story is still very special. In 1965 I was a Junior in high school and my sister was a Senior. Her history class had a project wherein the students would collect signed Christmas cards from family and friends and the cards would then be shipped overseas to our troops in Viet Nam. So my sister and I, along with several of our girlfriends, decided to sign and send a few cards. I heard from several sailors and one soldier thanking me for the cards and wishing me a Merry Christmas. Well long story short, I continued to correspond with the soldier until the summer of 1966. We exchanged pictures and discovered we both were from Virginia. He sent me his home address and said he would let me know when he got home safely in September 1966. However, I didn’t hear from him and wasn’t sure he made it home safely; therefore, I decided to send him a Valentine’s card in February 1967, and started my note to him with, “Hi, remember me?” That was a very special card because we started corresponding again and when he went to summer camp near my home in Richmond, he called me the night before he was to return home and wanted to know if he could stop by to see me (I had just graduated high school the week before). We drove around and I showed him many historical sights in Richmond and when we returned home and he left, I told my mother, “I’m going to marry him!” We were married on March 8, 1969 (I was 19 and he was 26), and we will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary next month. We are the proud parents of four children (2 sons and 2 daughters) and 8 delightful grandchildren (6 boys and 2 girls, ages 3-14). Even though I tease my husband and tell him he “got out of one war and into another,” we are still very much in love and he is truly the best thing that ever happened to me!

    February 18, 2014 at 6:41 pm

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